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Friday, June 21, 2013

country road, take me home!

I actually grew up on the road that inspired this song! We are headed back to DC for a bit, and all of us are very excited for all of those small things that make the grandparents houses so magical and the reunions of old friends and family. There are a few spots I am dying to hit:

Fancy Cakes by Leslie in Bethesda for some eye candy ( her cakes are impossible!), a chocolate
ganache cake pop AND a cupcake- they are so good they are worth the splurge!

A real bagel shop

Kae Robin to window shop

An espresso at Dolcezza in Bethesda Row

I have another post I need my husband to help me with because I can't get the pictures right, so you'll hear from me while away!

Bon voyage!


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