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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

what is love?

Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more.. I'm sorry! It is a deep topic and one that can use a little lightening up a bit. 

So back to our questions now that we had a little discussion to put us on the same page. 

I am currently reading blessed JPII's  on the original unity of man and woman. If you haven't done so, I highly recommend it! There are so many poetic ideas that are entirely practical, a beautiful union!( Hehe pun unintended. ) Stretching our minds back to the beginning, the creation of man and woman as not only complimentary in every way, but as necessary to obviate that loneliness and therefore, lack of good that was present when only one existed. There are so many parts to this beautiful notion that he takes many months to expound on them. But one key idea is that idea of companionship, a true seeing with the heart, which is trickier now because we each carry our own tendencies and prejudices including a bias toward our own view, whether or not it is the best one, or in other words, pride. It just kills communication. sigh

Does this marital companionship mean anything? Of course it does. It means the world to an individual, and that is a very great good. But supported and challenged people are able to do the same, for their children, co-workers, and friends. This impacts a small corner of the world, making it a little brighter. 

But it won't if the essence of marriage isn't understood or the goal of a marriage only reaches to having fun together. 

We are given the opportunity, and it is possible, however lumpy and lopsided the road travelled appears, to not only "till the earth" together in marriage,  but improve ourselves in the meantime by helping each other to grow. And need I mention there is much to be done!?

Have a wonderful day!

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