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Friday, June 14, 2013

what is marriage?

Is it anything at all? Does it mean anything or produce anything in particular? Is it better for you as a person? Does it benefit society as a whole? Do we care?

Lets back the truck up to Descartes. I am no trained philosopher, I am married to one. But I did some basic studying which I think I mentioned significantly changed my life. The point is I tinker, or rather, my thoughts wander into this realm of understanding now and again. 

I realize I am treading tricky ground. Because now I mention understanding, as if there are things that are what they are, and not as I wish them to be. It's called essence in philosophy. I am not making this all up. 

So why digress into philosophy when I throw so many questions onto the table? Ah ha! You are following me! Our understanding of marriage goes hand in hand with our trained view of the world. Some may resist and say they have their own thoughts, but it simply isn't true, my friend. You see, if one thinks that way, that there are no essences, that nothing is anything except what you want it to be, it is because of our friend I mentioned in the beginning, Descartes. His most remembered idea that influenced all of western culture, trickling down until it filled the entire ocean, is cogito ergo sum, that is, I think, therefore I am. Meaning, I only know I exist because I am thinking, not because of anything else. This forever changed the way modern man grasped his world. We no longer grow up thinking we are a part of something that already has its rhymes and rhythms, but are completely separated from it and exist independently from it.

I am sorry, I had to go here to get to where we are going in this little conversation today, and so early in the morning! Ha ha!

To be continued....

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