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Friday, June 21, 2013

country road, take me home!

I actually grew up on the road that inspired this song! We are headed back to DC for a bit, and all of us are very excited for all of those small things that make the grandparents houses so magical and the reunions of old friends and family. There are a few spots I am dying to hit:

Fancy Cakes by Leslie in Bethesda for some eye candy ( her cakes are impossible!), a chocolate
ganache cake pop AND a cupcake- they are so good they are worth the splurge!

A real bagel shop

Kae Robin to window shop

An espresso at Dolcezza in Bethesda Row

I have another post I need my husband to help me with because I can't get the pictures right, so you'll hear from me while away!

Bon voyage!


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

what is love?

Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more.. I'm sorry! It is a deep topic and one that can use a little lightening up a bit. 

So back to our questions now that we had a little discussion to put us on the same page. 

I am currently reading blessed JPII's  on the original unity of man and woman. If you haven't done so, I highly recommend it! There are so many poetic ideas that are entirely practical, a beautiful union!( Hehe pun unintended. ) Stretching our minds back to the beginning, the creation of man and woman as not only complimentary in every way, but as necessary to obviate that loneliness and therefore, lack of good that was present when only one existed. There are so many parts to this beautiful notion that he takes many months to expound on them. But one key idea is that idea of companionship, a true seeing with the heart, which is trickier now because we each carry our own tendencies and prejudices including a bias toward our own view, whether or not it is the best one, or in other words, pride. It just kills communication. sigh

Does this marital companionship mean anything? Of course it does. It means the world to an individual, and that is a very great good. But supported and challenged people are able to do the same, for their children, co-workers, and friends. This impacts a small corner of the world, making it a little brighter. 

But it won't if the essence of marriage isn't understood or the goal of a marriage only reaches to having fun together. 

We are given the opportunity, and it is possible, however lumpy and lopsided the road travelled appears, to not only "till the earth" together in marriage,  but improve ourselves in the meantime by helping each other to grow. And need I mention there is much to be done!?

Have a wonderful day!

Friday, June 14, 2013

what is marriage?

Is it anything at all? Does it mean anything or produce anything in particular? Is it better for you as a person? Does it benefit society as a whole? Do we care?

Lets back the truck up to Descartes. I am no trained philosopher, I am married to one. But I did some basic studying which I think I mentioned significantly changed my life. The point is I tinker, or rather, my thoughts wander into this realm of understanding now and again. 

I realize I am treading tricky ground. Because now I mention understanding, as if there are things that are what they are, and not as I wish them to be. It's called essence in philosophy. I am not making this all up. 

So why digress into philosophy when I throw so many questions onto the table? Ah ha! You are following me! Our understanding of marriage goes hand in hand with our trained view of the world. Some may resist and say they have their own thoughts, but it simply isn't true, my friend. You see, if one thinks that way, that there are no essences, that nothing is anything except what you want it to be, it is because of our friend I mentioned in the beginning, Descartes. His most remembered idea that influenced all of western culture, trickling down until it filled the entire ocean, is cogito ergo sum, that is, I think, therefore I am. Meaning, I only know I exist because I am thinking, not because of anything else. This forever changed the way modern man grasped his world. We no longer grow up thinking we are a part of something that already has its rhymes and rhythms, but are completely separated from it and exist independently from it.

I am sorry, I had to go here to get to where we are going in this little conversation today, and so early in the morning! Ha ha!

To be continued....

Thursday, June 13, 2013

summer schedule

hello my friends!

Summer is officially here as far as school being out. We had a wonderful visit from my friend Michelle from DC!

Already, the mayhem of my house has been felt. Which leads me to the idea of a summer schedule. Do you have one? Well, I have been anti-summer scheduling for a long time, but the willy nilly approach just isn't healthy for my kids. So, after some trial and error, the kids are going to go through their workbook pages they didn't do during the school year for review and write ( those that can) about the day, weekend, or a book they read. Then, off to burn off some energy!

The morning is the most important part of the day because it sets the tone, don't you agree? It seems like building up these habits will make for happier kids and mommy through the summer's end!

Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

unusual encounters

"Don't say that person bothers me, say, that person sanctifies me." paraphrase of St. Josemaria

I understood this only in part the first few years I encountered it.
Yes, years. Because it comes to mind quite frequently, almost daily.
Some people come into our lives and we are baffled by them.
We don't operate in the same way, we don't play by the same
rules. They can't be bent and what is worse, don't want to be.
It can seem as if swords are drawn and any moment can bring
a mighty clash full of the all-too human elements of pride,
anger, and resentment.
And yet, Human interactions are what save us. The good ones come
as pure beauty into our lives and shed a light that make us reach higher
 and breathe deeper. But what we call the bad ones may even be more
 beneficial and give us cause to be grateful if we let them. These
interactions make us work a little harder. We have to examine our intentions
 behind our actions and thoughts. Are they just or are they mere pride? We
have to moderate our impulses and perhaps go against the grain. Jesus said,
"love your enemies." When we try to do this rather than simply "wishing them
well" which is justice but not love, or charity if you prefer, these enemies can
become the friend who made us into our better selves.
Have a great weekend! I wish I had more time to write and edit, but I know
you are generous with me! If I had more time, I wouldn't have anything to say.