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Sunday, November 25, 2012

using our talents

What is it to raise kids if we do not instill our beliefs and values in them? And how do we know we are in fact instilling them? By making it a part of their lives. Kids will never learn to swim or ride a bike unless time is dedicated to these pursuits. They are not a given.

It has been slowly dawning on me ( I don't need a picture for this one, Dad ;)!) that our efforts at teaching our kids about the big picture of life and the details of our Catholic Faith need to go to the next level. We integrate our faith in God with our day and our kids get some education, but I realized there were some gaps forming. Thus, our family Sunday school with Dad. :)

This morning my husband started going through the history of salvation, that is, the Bible. We have a beautifully written kids version which helps. But, here is the kicker: my husband is a philosophy major. This was something I wanted him to do with them because I spend more time with them and so, they get more of the integrating part from me. With this new forum, they get the benefit of Dad's knowledge and we are setting up a habit where we talk about the detailed fullness of our Catholic Faith so that as they get older and have more questions, it will seem normal to bring them up. We all know we cannot love something or someone we don't know.

So often we think of using our talents for the greater good of society which is a beautiful thing. But if we neglect using them for our children, who are our greatest gift and responsibility, we need to redirect them! My husband has a beautiful mind. It is one of the things I love about him and which set him apart for me. I am so glad he is sharing it with our kids.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

too many condiments, and they are trying to hide something

These are the words of my postmaster about the empanadas of a certain restaurant down here. As an aside, each store owner is like an establishment down here. They are part of the place, just as much as the blue skies and the ocean breezes. And he was referring to the better choice of real and few ingredients to get the best empanadas. I got it.

And this morning as I was sitting in my newly- made-over bedroom, I thought about how that applies to so much of life. Right? I love my bedroom for its simple but thought out arrangement of colors and art. Not too many condiments. And isn't life better when we have fewer things, and better priorities?

We were not able to get to family this Thanksgiving day. But we are celebrating and spending the time we have together. Not too many condiments.

Have a wonderful day!

PS There is a wonderful movie my husband and I watched recently that I recommend for all adults: Opening Night. It goes beautifully with this theme, and quite literally, too! :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

love my bedroom makeover

Some of you may remember I have been planning to update my bedroom for some time. It's amazing what a few changes will do! Why was the change necessary? Well, my bedroom takes up almost 1/3 of my apartment, and it became one of the least inviting places to be. Isn't it true that so often we put more time, money and energy into the more lived in and visible spaces and neglect the ones that should be most dear?

It has been a long process of clearing out kid toys, unused furniture, painting frames, net-searching for the right duvet cover and sunburst mirror, covering created storage areas, and here you have a peek.

It is crisp, welcoming, the gold accents of the frames make it bright, and I LOVE BEING HERE.

The mirror is from Ballard Home and the duvet cover is from, in case you are wondering.

Have a wonderful day, and I will try to get something up on that wonderful day coming up this week!

Friday, November 16, 2012

in light of our current situation...

Every day we "battle" for what we believe is right. It is right to be respected, it is right to be fair, it is right to be responsible, etc. We can't be surprised that when it comes to the public sphere, to the society we share in common, we will be acting with the same motives: to establish and even fight for what is right. 

What is interesting is that there are such diverging notions of what is right. And so a non-bloody battle occurs. We battle about what is right in science, in history, and in culture. And this battle is good, Because it is a battle for nothing less than the truth. We are promised that the truth will set us free (John 8!) and there cannot be two opposing truths. That would be illogical. But, also because the Truth is a person, it is Christ. Why? because he tells us so.

Thus, Christianity has the ability to make society better. So we battle on with sound reason until we are all set free by Truth. 

Have a wonderful Friday! Thanks for hanging with me while I was out of town! 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

going black?
Yes, our country is on the verge of an election, but why not think about nails for a minute? I tried dark green ( basically black) on both hands and feet a couple of weeks ago. My vote? It works for my feet, but my hands just looked goth. :)

Have a wonderful Sunday! I think we will head to the beach!