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Saturday, June 1, 2013

unusual encounters

"Don't say that person bothers me, say, that person sanctifies me." paraphrase of St. Josemaria

I understood this only in part the first few years I encountered it.
Yes, years. Because it comes to mind quite frequently, almost daily.
Some people come into our lives and we are baffled by them.
We don't operate in the same way, we don't play by the same
rules. They can't be bent and what is worse, don't want to be.
It can seem as if swords are drawn and any moment can bring
a mighty clash full of the all-too human elements of pride,
anger, and resentment.
And yet, Human interactions are what save us. The good ones come
as pure beauty into our lives and shed a light that make us reach higher
 and breathe deeper. But what we call the bad ones may even be more
 beneficial and give us cause to be grateful if we let them. These
interactions make us work a little harder. We have to examine our intentions
 behind our actions and thoughts. Are they just or are they mere pride? We
have to moderate our impulses and perhaps go against the grain. Jesus said,
"love your enemies." When we try to do this rather than simply "wishing them
well" which is justice but not love, or charity if you prefer, these enemies can
become the friend who made us into our better selves.
Have a great weekend! I wish I had more time to write and edit, but I know
you are generous with me! If I had more time, I wouldn't have anything to say.


1 comment:

  1. great thoughts to ponder! :)

    (and as far as sanctification goes, lots more work to do here!)