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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

love of reading

There has been a lot of reading going around in this house lately. All have joined in, and it has been a wonderful thing.

In fact, I can tell there is a significant change in the house when reading is the form of relaxation over TV and movies. It makes sense, but I'll write about it anyway. :) Movies keep us entertained and occasionally we come across one that makes us think a little while watching or a little more once it has finished. But a good book? And I'm not talking about ones like the adult equivalent of George Brown Class Clown who has a magical super burp for adults, ( Come one, school! Why are we highlighting and celebrating a book like this? THAT is the behavior I want my kids to be encouraged in and then get in trouble for...) but a book that has really has something to say. These kinds of books mean the author themselves have something to say. As an aside, my husband has informed me that the novel was created when philosophy morphed into proving things mathematically, effectively forcing philosophers to get their ideas across by creating worlds that we could relate to through novels. He's a philosophy/math major, so he has an objective perspective. ;)

So, back to reading. My husband and I share the hobby of reading. We don't always like the same authors and it has become a source of friendly bantering. Nerds? Yes, we are. ;) But reading engages one's mind throughout, gives one something to chew on long past the story is over, and perhaps glean some lessons about life that one has been searching for.

I think if we all took to reading more as a society, we'd have a lot more to say and we'd see a change in human interactions. Am I dreaming? Perhaps, but one has to dream a little.

Have a great day, friends!

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