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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

decisions and more

This is a quick post, sharing a gem of a book with you all. It is called The Four Cardinal Virtues and the link to it is here . I've not only read this book many times, I have studied it for a book club, and I find it in my path once again. There are so very many well-informed people who still struggle with making decisions. There are, after all, so many factors, and very real consequences. I think this alone makes the book worth reading because it starts with a chapter on Prudence, the virtue of being able to make a good decision ( not cowardliness, which it is often equated with nowadays). I must mention, though, that it doesn't give you examples or a check-list, which frustrates some people. It is more of the over-arching theory, but it is wonderful. The other virtues are obviously important, too. ;)

I find the study and practice of universal virtues making a come-back. After all, they direct ones life and interactions with others. I was just talking with an acquaintance who is now communicating this need as a career and am myself on the verge of breaking them down for children. I think if real goodness isn't presented at a young age, the glittering trinkets of young adulthood are taken for goodness itself. It's my way of engaging the intelligence of young people in considering their own actions, a tool they will need far more than the knowledge of subjects.

Ok, the teacher ;) needs to get to today's homework. Haha! Have a great day!

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