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Sunday, September 9, 2012

safely say

Two Kids Drawing Together

This is something I have been thinking for quite awhile. Since last summer, to be precise. But some time spent just watching the interactions of my children has confirmed what I "noticed" ( although I think that is not strong enough a word. Maybe "was struck by; got" would be more descriptive) last summer.

Each of my children would not be the same with the absence of any one of them. They bring out something different in each other that one would not accomplish ( although unknowingly) on their own.  This makes such common sense that it may be silly to write about, but so it goes today! :) One of my kids would still be ready for fun, but perhaps not to the same degree as he is to date without the presence of each sibling. I can't scientifically prove this, but only intuit it, but this is none-the-less true. I just know it.

Last summer, I watched as one of my children literally embody the confidence that radiates more naturally from their sibling. As they say, "monkey say, monkey do." It was a beautiful sight.

Does this not happen to adults? Do we not learn from our friends and perhaps emulate some of their outstanding traits, even unknowingly? I know I am influenced by some of the terrific characters of my friends.

And it all starts in the beginning with our siblings, but perhaps more intensely and lastingly. What a beautiful built-in gift family is.

In War and Peace, Tolstoy talks about Russians not doing the one thing that can save them from the  French  invasion. Its funny that maybe we, too, avoid the one thing that can help to bring us closer to our own humanity; humans.

Have a beautiful Sunday!

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