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Friday, September 21, 2012

environment and clothes

I know I have touched on living in a tropical place ( I know, tough life) and how it has affected what I want surrounding us in our home. I will show you yet another change :) another day. Today, I'll just talk about how much it affects the fashion down here and how I want to dress on a particular day.

I know I have also mentioned I have always liked the tailored, classic look. It suits me well, and without entirely leaving it behind, I have embraced what living here has done to my broadened horizons. Although this is not one of those outfit blogs ( which don't get me wrong I enjoy looking at), here is what I am wearing today.

Woah, close up! Check out those hoops! ( thanks, Mom:) I don't know why, but I really felt the need to combine these colors today. Colors really inspire me, I must say. Anyone else? There is a flowering bush down here whose flower is the exact color of these shorts; not quite red, but bold and strong and oh so tropical. Women wear flowing pants and shirts, and it reminds me of the ocean breezes. I would not ever have worn those in DC. There is a bohemian element there, but the norm is more of the structured type, mirroring the seriousness of politics and the columns of the Capital. It, too, is beautiful.

So, does what I am saying resonate? How many of you are influenced and inspired by the environment in which you live? Enjoy a few pics of mine! :)


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