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Friday, September 14, 2012

entertaining with ease

On a lighter note, I've been getting excited about little things, like finding a gift for a teacher's birthday ( super fun for me! haha!) and rethinking my readiness for visits from friends. Here are a couple of pictures I have had stowed away that have drawn me in: 
                        (from Traditional Home July/August 2011)

                             (Domino November 2008)

I love the attention to detail to make things beautiful and easy for friends. They are obviously showing set-ups for more formal events, but there are some practical things I have learned from these magazines for more casual, everyday gatherings.

Anyone out there fans of the old Domino magazine? LONNY is a spin-off of it, but I remember an article about entertaining, and how some people are ready at a moments notice, and how welcomed it really makes a guest feel. It is all about having the basics at hand rather than stowed away so that it is effortless. Spurred on by the fact that I had to offer my friend a jar of water ( all of my glasses had broken, one by one), my cupboards recently got an inventory check ;) and interior make-over. One side of the sink is now devoted to everyday, kid-friendly items and the other side is devoted to the not fancy but ordinary items I'd like to have on hand (ahem, water glasses!) for an impromptu visit. 

Establishing order is actually something I get a kick out of, so it was a win-win activity. But now, I can make my friends feel taken care of after a day spent taking care of others. After all, they do the same for me! 

Have a wonderful weekend!

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