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Friday, July 13, 2012

we're back!

What a range of thoughts and scenes I have been exposed to from our journey to our old stomping grounds and back again. I can't help but reflect on the year since our move and was stirred to do so by the striking change in scenery as we drove back up to Maryland last week. We have moved to another world. And we have learned and grown from the exercise. I won't call it experience, because it was more than a passive year- we had to stretch and grow. Or I should say, we got to, because it was an opportunity, an adventure.

Did we enjoy being back? Oh yes. There were a few important people we did not get to see, but we made the effort to reconnect. After all, Maryland is a part of us, and they are too!

I can't help but trust that God has a plan for us in Miami. Shortly before our visit to Md, my husband signed on with a new firm down here. It is comforting to know that there is a purpose to this relocation, actually there are many. I think that goes for anyone and where they currently are. It's when things changed so much that you are faced with trust or bust. :)

So here's what we left,

Beautiful, no? And here's what we came home to!

Buenas Dias, Miami.

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