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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy 4th!

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Sorry for being so blank, but I literally was blank ;) in that I was focused on tasks at hand and didn't have too many ideas floating around!

I don't have much of a theme to this post, it is more just about my week. I can't remember the last time I was this excited for the 4th. I actually feel the excitement! I don't know if I am enjoying what Miami has to offer, the friendships we've made, the fireworks being over the ocean... I'll say all of the above! Miami can really celebrate, and I don't mean in the way people sometimes characterize it. It celebrates in the best sense. :)

And on the 5th we are off to DC for a visit! We haven't been back since we moved, and we are driving! That means good music mixes, and today I was reminded to keep opera and classical in the mix. I not only love it ;), I want my kids to be used to it, understand it, and hopefully grow to love it. So, needless to say, Luciano's greatest hits will be in the mix as well as a little Evgeny Kissin, a pianist who always gets it right. Can you hear it now? "Mom, can we listen to something else?" :) Have I mentioned that my second child knew his Luciano when he was just months old? He would cry in the car unless I put his favorite Luciano pieces on! There is just something about it!

And what would a road trip be without Van? I was recently listening to a string of Van Morrison songs, which made me want to write a bit about why I hold him in such high regard. Music is a touchy subject, so I won't venture to say you can't have your own favorite ;), but I will share some things I find remarkable about him, setting him apart for me.

Van has a great capacity for writing music that perfectly intertwines the instruments and voices.
But, what I find so captivating is his ability to change the melody so many times within a song. Take Tupelo Honey, for example. We all know it well. But, like with Jane Austen, when we listen/read past the dreamy words/plot, his talent shines through. He doesn't sing the versus or the chorus in the same way twice. That is very hard to do, considering most singers vary the melody by one note. And when Van starts going off with his "la la las" in his songs, like at the very end of Tupelo Honey, I see it as his musical creativity just needing to find more musical combinations that work together. I don't know if that added anything to your day, but it certainly has given me an opportunity to express my gratitude!

I so look forward to being with family and old friends I've missed.
I will, however, miss my palm trees and ocean! Could it be that Miami feels like home?

Have a wonderful 4th, friends!

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