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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mom and Me

I recently got off the phone with my mom. In our conversation, we came to the conclusion that taste combined works wonders for both of us. For example, the things i get complimented on are the things my mom has given me. See below:

My taste is more tailored, so adding a bit of trendiness is just the right finish to the look I like. Funnily enough, her home decor is very formal, which she is not. So over the months, via picture texts, I've been suggesting certain purchases and colors complimenting what she has. I've been looking at enough decorating magazines that the information needs to get put to use! During my recent visit, we could really fine tune it and here is what her living room now looks like:

Beautiful, fun, unique, no? Just like her. :)

I hear there is a navy jumpsuit headed my way. Thanks mom! :)

Have a great day, friends!

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