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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

child o' mine

Counting when I had to have surgery with my second still inside of me, yesterday's surgery for my youngest is number 4 for us to accompany our children into. Those of you who have experienced this can commiserate. 

What does it feel like? It feels like you are stripped from your customary way of thinking that you can control things for your kids. And you enter into reality; that ultimately, their life is not in your hands alone. And you hand them over to God and Mary, His Mother and Ours, and await them in the waiting room. In a way, it is not only a precursor to them growing up and leading their own life, but something to remember every day. As Catholics, we asked the Church to make our children a priest (shared common priesthood, not ministerial), prophet, and king through the sacrament of Baptism. They become real Children of God. And their entire life is the unfolding of this drama.

Now we are onto the next trial- taking care that he recovers well. Wish me luck and say a prayer! 

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