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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

good memories

I grew up with two brothers, close in age to me. We used to spend hours playing hide-and-seek in the house ( best spot to hide- the corner of Mom and Dad's closet), legos, and more or less dangerous games, the danger adding to the thrill. We would build a huge fort and someone would proceed to throw one of those horse sticks into it to knock it down. After some time, there was no where left to hide. ;) Another great one was hide-and-seek in the dark with all the neighborhood kids. We'd hide in the pitch-black basement and whoever was "it" would count upstairs. They came down at their own peril and had to dodge toy missiles that were sometimes quite large. 

Today was a grey day with one child not feeling well enough to go outside. We live in an apartment, so what to do with energetic boys? Flashlight hide-and-seek. ( No, I didn't introduce missiles with my children). I joined in, and fun it was. Being a kid again for a moment reminded me of you, Mike and Vin! Siblings are a great gift. Have a good day, friends!

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