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Monday, May 14, 2012

coloring my world

So, the whole color thing of my "new" environment has been slowly making its way into my home. After all, there are little houses like this on a daily jaunt.
 And I have been thoughtfully introducing color into my house over the months, painting furniture, moving pillows, and rearranging pictures. I wanted to share them because I know how much I love to see what other people come up with for their homes!
This is our "tablescape" ( I got the idea from LONNY, I want to say). I just love that Rosary. Thank you Mile! :) Those pear candles from my mom years ago keep making their presence felt in each house. Thanks, Mom! :) And the beautiful orchid I can actually maintain? Thanks, Teresa! :)

Previously, There was just the kids coat rack and the two things above it. Yes, quite bare. I just didn't know how to fill it out. I added the two Monets from my daughter's room and replaced them with things she likes. I spray painted the rattan shelf that was totally getting shabby. Now, it has some presence! And looks much fresher. :) On the other side of the entry, Mary got some attention as well.

Try to imagine just the image of Our Lady, without the houndstooth and the surrounding gold frame ( I borrowed from something else). Much better! And for anyone who is not familiar with this custom, Catholics treat Mary as our very own Mother ( not as God). And last but not least is my living room which moments before I added these colors ( painted the table coral ;), the pillows taken from other places), I had told my friend I didn't want my living room to be a rainbow.
Jokes on me! :) It just fits. Those of you who saw the room before can see the change! There is now what my friend Dorine calls "life" in the room:). Thanks, Anne-Marie, for the expert advice! And as always, Michelle for getting as excited as I do. :)

And I came across this sign in a Gap window recently and thought how perfectly it fits my home...
All of this color and life makes me want to carry it on with a little music that I hear down here.
Here's Joey Montana and his La Melodia. From the little Spanish I can pick up, I think it is clean and sweet. My apologies if not! Have a wonderful Monday, friends!

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