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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

who knew?

So, Mexicans don't put chicken in their quesadillas. They put ham with the cheese. Who knew!?! Certainly not I. In fact, when I went to a friend's house who is Mexican and she served ham and cheese quesadillas, I thought, " well this is interesting! This musn't be Mexican." ;) HAHAHA!

Ham and Cheese Quesadillas


But it is delicious, (especially with corn tortillas, but that is my preference. I don't know how Mexican it is. I know they use the tostadas which are made from corn. ) and they actually eat them a lot. It is an amazing breakfast option for kids! Who also knew that Mexico City has amazing pastries that rival those of France? It makes me want to go. That, and every Mexican I know I like. It must be a wonderful place when such wonderful, warm people come from there.

Another interesting food combination: chicken salad made with potatoes and hard boiled eggs and olives, garnished with avocado rather than a green salad. But, that is Peruvian.

There is a mom and pop "restaurant" around the corner that makes fried plantains that I crave as well as some amazing guava and cheese pastries.

I love living in a place that has representatives from various latin countries. They are all so unique. My kids have started using "pero" and "hay!" as a part of their regular vocabulary. Some of my youngest's friends only speak in Spanish to him. Life sure has some amazing twists!

Have a great day!

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