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Saturday, July 6, 2013

happiness is

finding the right balance!

I've posted pics of my house before, and this is tiny but it gives you the right feel. It doesn't include the plethora of green outside the window right next to the table that is totally wild and tropical. BUT, I finally found a happy place with these colors and this style. Less you think I ran out and bought a bunch of new things ( which sometimes needs to be done and I'm not judging that), most of it was put together and that mirror? MARSHALLS! Its my favorite down here!

I know many of us struggle with our homes when we have little ones running about like Braveheart. We want it liveable, but we want it beautiful, and it can and should be both! It's our haven, the place we feel most ourselves and bring others to take part in our lives. It doesn't look like this for long, but it CAN. :)

Have a terrific day!

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