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Saturday, August 3, 2013

mother nature


Today we went biking through a part that has many a peacock. I've seen them frequently since moving down here, but it was only today when my daughter found a feather that I took a closer look. Every single feather has many colors to it in an ombre pattern, and these colors "happen" to coincide with the larger pattern going around it at exactly the right moment. It is as if someone did this on a loom with painstaking effort. 

And I immediately thought of God as Father. If He gives such attention to the details of a bird's feather that it happens to grow this way automatically, how much more to each of us? 

There are a lot of changes at this time of year. Summer is ending and children are getting restless, school will be starting with new teachers and classmates and tests of virtue and intellect. I will add that I find school much more difficult on this side of the line as far as my role goes than when I went through it myself or taught! As mothers we teach patience, perseverance, planning, order, diligence in the proper measure according to each child.. to name a few! And that is just dealing with the relationship between each child and their work, let alone their relationships with teachers and classmates! You get me. 

But I will put my trust where it belongs. If this feather can be so carefully made, we are lucky to have such a Creator.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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