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Sunday, April 7, 2013

'tis the season for giving

Good morning, friends! I find I am most inspired to write a little something in the morning.. but I can't always do that! ;) I have already looked at some magazines or read some books or better yet, prayed, and my mind is  more alert and creative. Yes, this is creative for me. HAHA!

So I know in DC everyone is revving up for showers. Bridal showers and baby showers are in full swing. Here, not so much, but I do have one baby shower to look forward to!

After my post about wanting a gift closet, I couldn't resist getting a few things during my next visit to Marshall's.

And what is so wonderful besides the happy array of colors and variety is that it tallied to less than $20! Can you believe it? I even carved out a little space in a closet for them to be on display rather than shoved in a drawer somewhere.

On another note, my Mom loved her gift.

You can't see everything, but it was all around the theme of helping her as she helps others. There are those fabulous encouraging note cards, some pretty baking papers and boxes, and a few gifts just for her.

Gifts are such a wonderful way to show you care and have taken a moment to step outside of your world and entered into another person's own realm of concerns and happiness.

Have a wonderful day!

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