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Friday, April 12, 2013

lightening up

Hello friends! I haven't written about my decorating schemes in awhile, and considering it is a big hobby of mine, let's let the good times roll!

I think a home should be pretty AND cozy. There are so many magazine pictures I look at and think they are so lovely, but when I imagine stepping into the room, they feel cold and lifeless. Why this is, I don't know. Perhaps it is entirely done by someone else rather than having that personal stamp. So I am on that endless journey of creating the home we all love, like so many of you!

Here is a picture I like for the color and the comfort. I realized that I have something similar going on in my own home!

( source ?)

I just added a couple more little frames today with my son and I like that it is more playful now.

Recently, I was considering the lovely lucite and its effects on a room. My furniture is so mixed that a bit of clean and clear modernity would be a welcome addition. I wanted a coffee table, but a) it would have broken within a week and b) both my husband and I like to put our feet up! So, the soft ottoman will stay. BUT, for my birthday, my parents got me this stack of three tables that I put around the house in different rooms and they add the lightest touch! Yay!

I hope you are finding inspiration where you are and are enjoying giving your homes the right feel!

Have a wonderful day!

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