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Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Happy Easter to everyone!

Today I am happy to say that I reused and recycled some beads of mine! A few necklaces and bracelets had broken even up to a couple of years ago and so over break, I had the idea of reusing them for a new purpose rather than trying to fix the old ones to make them look like new. So here are two I came up with:

The one on the right is for me because I like more odd and big pieces of jewelry, and the one on the left is for a friend of mine who is more petite and me. She also has a lot of skin allergies. It made me think creatively about how to make them close, thus the bead and loop. Not bad for an amateur! ;)

So, she is soon to get a belated birthday present. What a great way to relax today. This box is also recycled from cards I sent in my mom's bday package. The box would not have fit in the bag properly, I know my friend will like the little saying.

Have a wonderful day!

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