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Monday, August 6, 2012

r & r

I'm not sure where each of you is coming from as far as your thoughts on rest and relaxation. For some, they may get too much (mere speculation because I don't personally know anyone who does), for some, too little. I will put myself in this second camp, merely to set the scene and create a true picture for you. Although, I know people who get far less than me.

But this morning, I feel like I am running on a full tank of gas, which makes me think my weekend had something to do with it! I won't walk you through the entire weekend, just point out some highlights. My husband and I went to a wonderful wedding uniting a wonderful couple on Saturday. It had been some time since we've gone to one, and I got to get dolled up, too. :) I'll add that he doesn't really like to dance, but danced more at this wedding than any other! It must be the latin music. ;) Having that adult time and date time was great.

(This is the only picture I took from the wedding- shame on me. But it is a nice story. I know this woman from MD and was celebrating my BF's next baby coming with her and we were talking about each of us going to a wedding in Miami but didn't check to see if it was the same one!Who sits in the row in front of me? The very same!)

On Sunday, we went to Mass as a family ( our usual) and met some friends at the beach. We all went out to eat at a relaxed restaurant ( for you Marylanders, think Annapolis but more casual- remember, water is everywhere here) and the kids ended the evening dancing together.

Sounds great, no? It was. I didn't cook much, we had family time and adult time, a true break from the norm. I am thinking we need to think more about r & r. Pieper has a book entitled Leisure, the Basis of Culture. I haven't read it despite a strong recommendation. I think the premise is something like you can tell a lot about a people by the way they spend their leisure time. I also think it can be applied on a more micro scale to the family and even the individual, but I'd have to read it to be able to really say. ;)

Have a wonderful day, friends, and here is a little music from my childhood I STILL like :)-
Celebrate ! Go ahead, Dad! Get your dance on!

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