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Thursday, August 30, 2012

after the hurricane

I am thankful that we had it relatively easy and that many are still experiencing the aftermath of Isaac. Our clean-up crews have done an amazing job, we have natural light in our home again, and life is basically back to normal.

Which made me think of the daily hurricane we face as mothers. This happened in about 10 non-consecutive minutes. I think most of you are not surprised. The whole playing with something and then putting it back in its place before getting another toy didn't quite stick in our house! HAHA! And that is just fine, but as I walked in this morning from dropping my kids off at school, I realized this had to be put in order before I could get to other matters. (As an aside, I have often wondered what would have been a more helpful degree in college for my life right now. I loved Economics and it has served my thinking well, but perhaps business management would have given me more of the skills I need?:) This need for order got me thinking about physical order and how much we need it as human beings. Otherwise, I would have jumped to do the more time-sensitive things I need to do. I can't put my finger on it, so if any of you have something to add, please jump in. Yes yes, sometimes physical order to the perfect degree is impossible and aiming for it could really reveal some sort of disorder in us, that we couldn't give the proper priority to something/one that has a higher claim on us. But a general sense of order gives us something not only to us but to our entire family, and it is something very human.

I am running out of time, so have a great day!

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