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Thursday, August 16, 2012

building community

Boy, do I have massive hands. HAHA! I talked to my doctor about how they have gotten bigger and do you know what he said? "Too much work!" HAHA! No princess here.

So, this post is not about my hands, as you know. The cubans have a custom down here that they really do. If someone gets a cuban coffee, they also bring a stack of these tiny sip-size cups from the cafe and share it. Isn't that nice? I was included in this custom once at my hair dressers' and felt very welcomed.

As the new school year is about to begin for us down here - yes, very early! - I am not only thinking of getting all of the supplies, but of the community that it naturally expands. I sometimes think there is a lost art to building community, as if people don't really want smiling faces around. Back to Minnesota for a moment: I remember as a child seeing people driving by and waving to you from their car, whether they knew you or not. It was surprising because no one did that in Maryland. Community! The cuban coffee thing, community!

So, I don't know exactly what I will contribute to community building, but it is something I need to think about. It leads me to a deeper topic.. you knew it was coming!:)...

I was on a theology course a few years ago and something the professor said I had never heard before but made quite an impression on me so I will share it. He said that in heaven, your charity, or love for others, or heart ( however you put it that it makes sense) does not grow in heaven. The maximization occurs here. Which means there are different expansions possible. It is up to me, and God's grace, to love my neighbor. Time takes on a whole new meaning when given that tidbit of information, no? :)
It also reminds me of more common wisdom saying it doesn't matter how many degrees or awards you got in life or how intelligent you are. What matters is what you do with what you've been given, your talents. If you're smart, do you use that intelligence to serve God and neighbor? If not, it's wasted.

Which leads me to my final thought this morning, which is how we frame schooling and success to our children. I tutor kids in Algebra and some are terrified with failure. There is so much pressure to succeed and get into the right schools, job, etc. I remember that feeling, too. But what if we put education in the context of it being for a higher purpose? That way, Algebra is not just "a waste of time because I'll never use it in real life," but it becomes something to train my brain to think logically so that I can really do something great for God later in life.

Have a wonderful day, friends! And thanks for reading! This is an outlet for me as much as it may be for you. :)

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