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Friday, August 10, 2012

looking ahead

Can you guess her age? 75-80 maybe? See her style with the ruffle on her shirt?

My grandma is nearing 91 this Fall. Can you believe it? I took this picture during my last visit to Md, although she lives in Minnesota. 

Lineage, example, and family love is so intriguing. I am sure that I not only absorbed what life was about from my parents, but also from my grandparents, especially my grandma. 

Summers were spent camping, fishing, riding bikes to the general store and visiting friends' farms. Winters were spent indoors eating the best homemade cookies known to man, hosting the stream of pop-in visitors of all ages, and preparing for celebrations like Christmas, all of which my grandma took a leading role. She still she fills her days with purpose and helping others.

God came into the world not to be served, but to serve. Looking at someone who has lived their life by this precept has taught me what my life is worth. Looking ahead can tell us much about the truth of our lives. What is it all about? If I land somewhere near my grandma, I will have run the race well.

Have a marvelous day, friends!

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