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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I love big impact pieces, like a big chandelier over a dining room table. I also love a big tassel. Unfortunately, they can be expensive, for a tassel. Luckily, Tuesday Morning carries them every so often so I snagged this awhile back for $7. I also love a great deal :). While in Naples this past weekend for a wonderful trip with my husband, we saw big tassels with seashells tied in them! I don't usually decorate with shells, but something about living near the ocean gives me the urge to add them in. When in Rome.. So, I scrounged through our sea shell collection and got some help from my eldest to tie these on! Fun! :)

I also was thinking about adding something to my very practical and boring key chain when I remembered that one of the tassels got ripped off ( what are you going to do?;) of a pair, so...

Whala! I get excited about these little things. How about you? Any simple projects you've done lately that add a little something to your day? Have a good one!

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