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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Feel the Rhythm

I am not a decorator, although I love the topic and love to find ways to improve the physical beauty of our home. But, something I am is a musician. Not professional, but a musician nonetheless. I am grateful to have taken 12 years of classical piano lessons. I have always enjoyed hearing the musical qualities of a particular piece, no matter the genre, and want to share some of the things my ears have been trained to hear because musical beauty has been a source of sheer blessing and joy to me.

I am a Van Morison girl, but let's start with some ear candy from Paul Simon. Check out his Born at the Right Time . My computer does not do it justice- I hope yours does! If not, go ahead and download it from iTunes. Not only does the chorus knock my socks off by it's melody, the syncopation ( the notes/words not landing on the downbeat) is astounding as well as the harmonies with the female chorus. Once you get your fill of the melody, listen for the layers of drums in the background. The drum for the downbeat slides you in gently, yet is strong. The tonal quality of that drum is soft on the ears- unlike the keyboard made-up drums of pop music ( think back street boys- its ok to like dancing to their songs! ;)). Ok, now, listen to the other drum layers going on in the background- they stagger perfectly against each other. You can hear it best in the last chorus and the oooo part near the end. Although I do not agree with some of his lyrics ( "the planet groans when it registers another birth"- we won't get into his ideologies, but it does seem as though he realizes that people are special no matter what, ie. "his eyes as clear as centuries.."), this is some amazing creativity, and I can't think of another way to describe it than ear candy. Go ahead and dance!

That was longer than I thought, so I will leave you with that for now. Coming next in the music category- Opera! Seriously. :)

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