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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nothing too deep today

I love color pops. And after many months, I have finally made decisions about which ones I need in the house to make it just right. Do you know what I mean?

I love looking at decorating blogs, but I am not one who can start from scratch. I have to go with what I have ( I wish more decorators would focus on this!) and make it all come together with a few simple flourishes. My decor did not automatically transfer from Bethesda to Miami- there is different lighting, not to mention a totally different home! So, in this one spot I have some big plans that will make it all come together for me. I just ordered a yellow and white lumbar chevron pillow from Etsy and Lisa from Idari was kind enough to let me just order one for $10! Yay! A bit of yellow goes a long way. As soon as I find some boxwood balls, they will go on top of those candlesticks next to the hippo given to my baby by a very good friend ( a digression- I read I think on the inspired room about using things that mean something to you in your decor. Seems like common sense, but I liked it). And lastly, I have been mulling over what color to paint this side table. As is, it is too country. Red? Hague ( which I love)? No- coral reef from Benjamin Moore!! In Bethesda this color probably would not have crossed my mind. But here, there is a whole new world of color that has come to my fancy. So here is the before, and I will send an after, just for fun.

Have a great week!

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