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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mental Cleansing

Occasionally we all get in a behavioral rut. We know we need to grow in a certain area and substantially change our approach, and yet we do not make the change. Are we simply lazy? It could just be that we haven't found the proper motivation to increase our efforts. We are in need of some good 'ole mental cleansing, because if we see the situation more clearly, we will change.

Let me explain what I mean by "mental cleansing." If there is a good action or service that we are ignoring or balking at, we must name all of the reasons we have for not rising to the challenge; essentially, not being who we feel called to be. We put a clear face on the "buts." For example," I should ... but …". It could even be that we are putting conditions on our good deeds. "Of course I would do .... if only...".  Let's look at an example: "I know I could be more present to people, but I am so tired, and I have so much on my plate right now, what about me, and…!" Let it roll! Only when we put all of the reasons in the light will we become fully aware of them and rob them of their power. It may take some effort to clearly recognize the motives for our paralysis and omissions. But, once these are clearly and completely identified, we come to the realization that these "buts" aren't so big after all, or if they are, they are not big enough for us to not grow as persons.

     In life, we have a great opportunity to grow our hearts. We do not need something in our environment to change in order to feel inspired to double or revamp our efforts in that area we feel called to change. Rather, we each have a voice inside us calling us to greatness of spirit, and it wants to be heard. It is a compelling voice that makes us simply unhappy with stagnation.

  We are now ready to cast aside all reasons for taking the easy road. (It reminds me of a quote by Hesiod, "... the deathless have set sweat before virtue...") Our reason is strengthened and now made clear and what is more, reasonable, which shores up our willWhen we change for the better, even if a full change takes some time and tremendous effort, everyone wins. We become more of what a human being is meant to look like, which is truly beautiful ( we all know of someone like this), and the people around us find someone who is actively seeking to love them more fully.

     Our mind is our greatest gift. In addition to solving the many problems we see in the world around us through our professions, let's use it to understand and change the world inside us. Then, the world outside us will change, and more quickly.