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Friday, December 23, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

I meant to write last weekend, but a nasty virus stopped me. Here is a little of what is going on around here for our first Christmas in Miami! These little cards make me happy. Thanks to all of my family and friends for sending them! I got the idea to string them across the mirror from Ballard Designs.
I went ahead and put the link up for the antlers page. I have my eye on these and think one would look awesome above the mirror. They are just a touch rustic, the white plaster makes them chic, and they are reasonably priced. All around cool! My taste still reflect the Northeast, I think.

The presents stringing in make the kids happy, of course! The anticipation is growing!

My husband even joined in with his little touches. And wouldn't it be so grand to have a couple of boxwood balls atop these candlesticks?

So, back to the virus. Many of my new friends have stepped in with flying colors to help me this past month. Thank you! As much as the American in me loves to do things myself and not put people out of their way, I am reminded of Christmas in all of this. Why? Well, none of us can go it alone, nor are we meant to. Isn't this the meaning of Christmas? For unto US a Child is born. Because we need him, too.

Merry Christmas, friends!

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