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Monday, December 17, 2012

needing rest

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We are tired, am I right? My whole self was needing some major rest this past weekend, and even when I heard about the pasados party ( it is a traditional latin ( not the language, the culture;) Christmas song sung by 2 groups, one representing Joseph and Mary with child and one the innkeeper saying there is no room, go away), I didn't want to go. I just wasn't in the mood. In fact, I was thinking of how I was going to make the most of the craziness of this week with one last trip to the store for gifts, school plays and parties, and that I would write about it. But, off we went.

We sang some carols, both in Spanish and English, had some amazing food, including something wrapped in corn husk ( native to the Mayans (?) from Mexico) and tostadas. Masses of kids were running down hills and swinging a rickety rope swing over the lake as we watched the sun set. It reminded me of my childhood and the reckless abandon you feel when you are surrounded by a ton of kids you don't know but you're all having the time of your life. A priest friend did the honors of getting the kids to smash not one, not two, but three pinatas, fitting for the exuberance of Christmas!

I have a simple menu for the week based on the food served at the party. I'll take a picture of the ingredients for another post this week in case you feel inspired by Mexican cuisine that is SUPER easy.

I left the party last night no longer needing rest. It had found me.

Have a marvelous day! Here is one of my new favorite carols I heard for the first time yesterday. It is phenomenal! el burrito sabanero

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