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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Today is December 12th, or, the day that we celebrate Our Lady of Guadalupe, a pregnant Mary. It is a relevant feast to commemorate, no? It is a special day for me because it marks the 5th year of my treatment for cancer, a powerful dose of nuclear radiation given once. At the time I had two small children and placed myself under Mary's care. She took great care!

And this reminds me of all of the women I have seen pregnant lately. What is pregnancy after all? It's an intimate connection between two people, a pure gift on the part of one and ultimate reliance on the part of the other. It is a time of unhindered growth, of unhindered protection. It is the beginning of the passing on of what life is all about from one to another. The passing of traits and characteristics, but also of values and ideals. 

What a beautiful day to think of Mary carrying Jesus like the rest carry our children.

Have a wonderful day.

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