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Sunday, December 9, 2012

christmas in seattle

Christmas isn't always cold and possibly snowy. It can be strange to shift gears when you grow up in that environment. Just like if you grow up going to the beach on Christmas and no longer live near it, it would feel different. In Miami, I don't want to create the feeling of being cozy by a fire because, well, it was around 75 degrees yesterday. So less is definitely more, here. And what if you live in a rainy place? Something needs to brighten the gloom. There's something we all crave about light... ahem.. the meaning of Christmas... the light came into the world... brilliant. This one is for my Latin friend in Seattle!

(       (Relaxing during a rainy Christmas season -- cat kitten rain pet kitty chat animal gato feline water drops droplets

Sweet Home Christmas Baubles - Christmas Wallpapers -  Little Rain shoes Christmas Gift Photo Wallpaper 19

Indonesia Christmas Pictures & Photos

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Have a wonderful day, friends!

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