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Thursday, November 22, 2012

too many condiments, and they are trying to hide something

These are the words of my postmaster about the empanadas of a certain restaurant down here. As an aside, each store owner is like an establishment down here. They are part of the place, just as much as the blue skies and the ocean breezes. And he was referring to the better choice of real and few ingredients to get the best empanadas. I got it.

And this morning as I was sitting in my newly- made-over bedroom, I thought about how that applies to so much of life. Right? I love my bedroom for its simple but thought out arrangement of colors and art. Not too many condiments. And isn't life better when we have fewer things, and better priorities?

We were not able to get to family this Thanksgiving day. But we are celebrating and spending the time we have together. Not too many condiments.

Have a wonderful day!

PS There is a wonderful movie my husband and I watched recently that I recommend for all adults: Opening Night. It goes beautifully with this theme, and quite literally, too! :)

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