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Friday, November 16, 2012

in light of our current situation...

Every day we "battle" for what we believe is right. It is right to be respected, it is right to be fair, it is right to be responsible, etc. We can't be surprised that when it comes to the public sphere, to the society we share in common, we will be acting with the same motives: to establish and even fight for what is right. 

What is interesting is that there are such diverging notions of what is right. And so a non-bloody battle occurs. We battle about what is right in science, in history, and in culture. And this battle is good, Because it is a battle for nothing less than the truth. We are promised that the truth will set us free (John 8!) and there cannot be two opposing truths. That would be illogical. But, also because the Truth is a person, it is Christ. Why? because he tells us so.

Thus, Christianity has the ability to make society better. So we battle on with sound reason until we are all set free by Truth. 

Have a wonderful Friday! Thanks for hanging with me while I was out of town! 

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