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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

its always been a matter of trust

Hello my friends.
How much do we trust the closest people in our lives? I don't mean the base-line of trust; for example, fidelity between spouses. I mean the kind of trust where we are able to tell someone what we are thinking or feeling at a given moment with no fear of embarrassment or of a lack of loyalty. And are there people who can come to us with that same type of privileged and intimate information?

As some of you know, relationships are my thing. They are fascinating. Because they are everything. Friendship has an inherent power in it. In being known and understood, it frees one to be oneself. It gives confidence to chase dreams and address reality.

The depth of our human friendships can also tell us about another friendship, that which we have with God. Chances are if we are hiding from others, we are hiding from Him. Why would we do that? What is the image we hold of Him? It musn't be the one of Him on the Cross...

Off to soccer! Have a great day!

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