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Sunday, October 28, 2012

this time of year

It's there just something about this time of year? The weather turns cooler ( even down here!) and we turn inward. We think of memories, of creating memories, of reconnecting, of hunkering down in our own little nest.

And we take the time to just be. This can be a challenge when one dear little one is sick and hubby is out of town for business and there is no backyard to send the others out to for physical relief. ;) But that desire is still there, reminding us of the grand fact of existence. Being.

In the midst of this being, the boys and I worked on some house (ghosts)

and school projects.

(sorry that's sideways. I'm technically challenged)
That painting has been an eye sore to me for years because there was just something about the black rim that drove me nuts. So, I am painting the entire thing gold, and boy does it lighten it up and really make it pop! Yay for finally working toward a resolution to THAT problem. ( I am working at lightening up my long-neglected bedroom with new colors that really invite and cheer. More on that to come as Christmas rolls around when I can put my plans into action.)
This turkey is made of things my son is grateful for, and it was fun to not only take time to think of these things, but to take the time to put them in art form. There are so many things to be thankful for!

Have a wonderful Sunday of just being. It's one of the best part of life!

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