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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


(Yes, it is a silly picture!:) I forgot to get a picture of the woman who did my nails.)

I had my mom and mother-in-law in town recently. My husband and I went on many dates :) and I was treated to a manicure and pedicure. It lasted for 2 hours! And guess how much it cost? $70? no. $40? no. $30? yes. Can you believe it? My feet have never been loved so well!

Which reminds me of the cultural difference between Miami and DC. Don't get me wrong. I love DC, even with its quirks. But I am soaking in the time difference, where people actually take the time to spend with each other. Sometimes this means I wait 3 months for new toilets - the downside. But, it also means I was transported to a salon like the one in Steel Magnolias where they didn't just take care of my nails, they took care of me.

Have a wonderful day, folks! Summer has begun, my middle child is now 5! and you may be getting a lot of scenic pictures of the beach.

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