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Friday, June 8, 2012

the feel of a kitchen

I was browsing which I like to do every so often, and these two images made an impression on me. I love the wrap around bar area rather than one that is just straight. This feels more like a gathering space.

And this was also posted in the kitchen tab. Because this kitchen was for hanging out in, like the great room, or, like my apartment! I would love to have an open counter like the one in the first picture for the place we are in right now, but the idea will just have to be tucked away for now. And, my apartment is like one big kitchen, because it consists of the kitchen, dining/living room all in one big rectangular space. The "kitchen", or lets face it, family room, shown in House Beautiful feels so welcoming and relaxed, making me rethink my couch arrangement. Maybe turning it would draw you into the space more, invite you into home, versus the living room area. I wonder if that makes sense. So, here is what I came up with for now to soften the lines of the room.

The kids where having some quiet time so that I could stage this. The lighting is much brighter, but taking pictures is not a talent of mine. :) I won't pretend it looks like this often. In fact, here is the full room from the hallway in its present state. 

It shows a lot of "life," don't you think? ( that is how I am trying to look at it for the summer;). In fact, I have some "summer plans ( and ideas)" I will share soon, and that idea came from a friend here who is French. I like it. I will try to see life rather than mess! ;)  
I don't know if I will keep this arrangement. We shall see!

Today, we also accomplished this:

AND THEY WERE UNREAL, worth every buttery bite.

Have a wonderful day!

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