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Sunday, March 18, 2012

When in Doubt, Do Something

I recently heard of a friend's husband getting diagnosed with cancer. Aggh. What is one to do? I think often, we hold back because we don't want to infringe. After all, it is so personal.

I will relate a story of a friend of mine ( for real, I am in it, too;). My husband's father passed away from cancer a month or so after I was treated for my own cancer ( I hope I am getting the dates right). It was a rough time. My friend, Isabel, called me on the day of the funeral and said she had dinner for us and when can she drop it off? WHAT COMPANIONSHIP! She did not ask, "what can I do?" ( Often, we don't want to put people out of their way) She did. And it was very welcome, indeed.

I learned a powerful lesson that day. When in doubt, do something. It can be as small as sending a real card, sending the kids coloring books, making cookies or buying a special loaf of bread from a bakery. But there is something about the human touch factor that eases pain and makes suffering bearable.

So, today, on this weekend of Irish celebrations, is there someone you know who could use a little human touch? Do it. The surprise will not be unwelcome.

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