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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

the color purple

Big Purple Flower Closeup

So more on the inner life inside each one of us. Sometimes Lent can be perceived from the outside ( or even the inside!) of Catholicism as a time of gloom. Is this true?

Let us consider. Inside of us there is an infinity, an eternal source. This inner life is meant to be understood. What drives us, what attracts and deflects us and understanding how we relate to and interact with others make up the more beautiful (or ugly part) of our lives. Being eternal, these pools run deep, and in Lent, we look at them, and discover...

We discover there is another, more beautiful way at our fingertips, and that we are given the aid of a generous God who shares His own living water with us. And we can only see this brighter path if we look at our pool as is, and sometimes this causes us some sorrow because we see the pain we have caused ourselves and others.

But we know that because of the time of reflection, of repentance ( an unpopular notion!) and the chance to see something we might otherwise have missed, we rise again with Christ on Easter, to a cleaner, clearer pool that is refreshing and generous, too.

I am grateful for the time set aside each year to discover the potential beauty within, so that if we want to compare life to a flower, it unfolds as it was meant to.

Have a wonderful day!

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