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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

magic of giving

If finding gifts was a hobby, I'd consider it one of mine. There is something so pleasurable in thinking about someone and finding something that expresses appreciation or finding something that tells the person you know just what they like and what makes them tick. And making it look so pretty that the wrapping alone can bring a smile. As you can see, it doesn't take much! These are little boxes of chocolates for my kids' teachers for Easter.

(image snapped at the grocery store from Southern Living. The following as well)

The above picture is like a dream of mine. At one point I had a gift drawer, but this is much more curated. I can't say I agree with the choices, but the idea? Fabulous. How many times are we running to someone's new house and wishing we had something beautiful to give them? I'll give some thoughts as to what would be in my gift closet. This is of course entirely different than a birthday gift or something more planned and thought-out. I think part of the nuturing this closet provides is directed toward yourself because beautiful things are at your fingertips, and you know the joy they will bring to someone one day.

Another delicious nook?

Writing notes is such a special occasion, and the right, inspiring papers and accoutrements make the experience an experience rather than a fly-by occurance. As a sweet aside, one of the questions my BF Michelle asked at my wedding shower was what my favorite hobby was. The answer? Paper! My soon-to-be hubby was the only one who got it right. He's also the one who at Barnes and Noble one day long ago removed a stack of future anonymous "books as gifts" from my hands. Think of something from "Mad About You." It was very funny! :)

My mom's b-day is coming up and I am coming up with a special something to send to her. She reads this ( Hi Mom!), or I would tell you... but maybe post-birthday I'll share.

Have a wonderful day!

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