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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Reexamining Homemaking

Fashion stylists. Interior decorators. Chefs. Bakers extraordinaire.
There is something fascinating about the elements of home life to society at large. I am glad all of these professions exist because I can learn from the experts devoted to one aspect of it. But they exist because we all not only have an inner-homemaker, we all ARE homemakers, especially as women. We make the home what it is: charming, welcoming, a place where understanding one another is the norm. Or not! 

We all want our homes and life to be well-rounded and beautiful, because home is so important. It is what rounds out the day and makes life good rather than merely efficient.
The most important part of the home is undoubtedly the relationships found within. But, the externals are important, almost the supporting structure, and what's more, are fun!

So whether your work is exclusively in the home or not, whether you have house help or not, you are the homemaker, and it is important, as shown by the subdivisions of professions I listed in the beginning contained within the one albeit uninteresting word, homemaker.

So on to the fun of what I have been playing with now that we are settled. The front door was so basic and uninviting.

But a little of this and that to soften it up and wala! 

Cozy. Breezy. And the only thing new are the palm leaves! Let's celebrate that!

The basics are important.

But so are the finishing touches.:)
(I am no photographer, as you can tell.)
I always need to feel like I put a little effort into my outfit or my home. 

And, I've even rearranged the coral table that perhaps you have heard enough about:). But come on! Interior decorators do this for hours! Cut me some slack! I am making my home! :)

One of my kids walked out this morning and said, "I love this room." Homemaking is key. 

Have a wonderful day contemplating your homes, friends!

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