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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Eye for Beauty

When does one start to help develop one's daughter's taste? It is something I know parents of teenagers struggle with; allowing their daughters freedom of expression while at the same time, wanting them to understand that how you dress speaks volumes. 

My daughter is no where near those years, but likes fashion. So, in an attempt to make it fun and preempt her wanting to choose less desirable clothing later, I have taken to looking at magazines with her. Not In Style, but Talbots and Garnet Hill catalogues. We even mix it up with decorating ones like Ballard Home. We act like girlfriends, saying what we like for each other. It is a lot of fun.:)

Exposure to beautiful things makes one realize there is plenty out there that is really flattering and fun, so one needn't go the route of the general trend. I am a big fan of the Duchess of Cambridge, if only for the fact that she usually dresses well, in spite of always being in the spotlight and being  naturally beautiful. I think there is more natural respect for her because of it.

Thinking about these things also makes me consider my own wardrobe choices. I used a gift card recently to freshen it up with a couple of daily dresses- something I haven't bought in YEARS. You should've seen the surprise on my kids' faces! They loved them! Hopefully the combination of magazine perusing and my own efforts will make all of these matters crystal clear down the road. Time will tell, but, by golly I think we are on to something here!

Have a wonderful day, friends!

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