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Thursday, October 9, 2014


So, I normally check out decor blogs when I have 5 minutes. But, this morning, I was in some major need of inspiration for style ideas for MYSELF. You see, I keep telling myself when I look in the mirror that that isn't really what I look like. I mean, my stomach and hips just aren't that big.

Do you ever look in the mirror and think the same things? It's hard to come to terms with the less-than-ideal you. And I know I just had a beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful baby. I KNOW! But, I want to feel good about myself, too, now, and not a year from now ( fingers crossed! HAHA).

I am being brutally honest today, my friends! So, after searching for "mom style blogs" I came across the pleated poppy and stacey thacker (through the pleated poppy) "what I am wearing wednesdays." They were fun, spurred my imagination a little, and gave me access to a bunch of pictures of women who have similar problem spots as I do in their own outfits so I could judge what styles best flattered them, and therefore me, before I started out on my shopping day. When I am my best weight, I can get away with a lot. Now? Almost nothing;) ;). I have to be really choosy, I realized.

I stopped by my favorite Marshalls ( a funny aside: my bf Michelle in Md counts the number of times I say Marshalls when we talk) this morning and after trying on 12 pieces, only came out with one. BUT, I educated myself on what looks flattering on me right now so that I present the best me I can. AND, I picked up some Tahari leopard dress shoes with a low heel ( so I don't end up taller than my hubs) for $40.. instead of $250!! That was an investment because I haven't bought dressy shoes in who knows how long and also a nod to my femininity.

Days like these are so vital to us women, and especially moms. I have learned over the years what the job description of a mom entails, and one of the parts we downplay is taking care of ourselves. Part of our job is exercising, pampering ( within the budget), and yes, shopping for clothes that suit us. It's all a part of life.

Have a great day!



  1. Love this, Katie! I can totally relate. Teresa will be a year next week, and I am finally feeling *kinda* good about my body again! I treated myself to a new pair of flattering jeans this week and I feel like a million bucks! Enjoy your shoes :).

    1. Wow! Thanks for stopping by and relating! It is funny how these little things are exciting, huh?