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Friday, November 22, 2013


I don't like to pick up around the house. It shows. Don't judge ;). And I've given myself plenty of reasons not to lately! But as I look at my kids' rooms, I see that they are indeed learning from me. It's just not what I want them to be learning. :) As I think about my weekend and wanting friends to stop by, I cringe looking around the house after a week of projects coming and going and a very full life and schedule. So I set to work.

And I was inspired to write.

One of the things I want is for people to walk into my house and know they are welcome in tangible and intangible ways. Some people have that way about them and you can just feel it. It takes a good measure of work to keep things up, graciousness in serving, and ease about the things you own (which can be hard when we have little kids who can break anything at any minute). It's not probable to have all of these talents naturally combined into one person unless one grows up in this kind of culture. But it can be done as I've been so fortunate to have experienced. So as I thought again about my home, I thought about my kids and husband who will come home and who might come over. This (above) tells anyone walking in that I'm ready for you. I can't think of a better thing to have on my table on a daily basis. If that alone inspires me to pick up, it is enough!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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