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Friday, November 29, 2013

squeeze them closed!

Hi friends! I hope those of you in the states had a marvelous Thanksgiving Feast yesterday. We were welcomed to share it with a friend's family since we couldn't make it back to DC. :)

All week long, I've been getting emails about sales SALES SALES!! It's in my face everywhere and disturbs my peace momentarily until I close out of my account. Instead, my husband and I have been fielding all sorts of mini fires with the kids pulling beds apart and the puppy AND deciding what traditions we want to really start living as a family, starting with this weekend.

What do we want our Christmas to be like? How do we begin the season of Advent ( a season of penance and waiting symbolized by the color purple on the Advent wreath with a little rose candle thrown in on the 15th to celebrate that Jesus is really coming soon, both at Christmas and at the end times.. a cause of joy. Sorry for the details, but it is a big part of my life that some of you may not celebrate so I can't throw the word out there without explaining it a little!)? With a big bang jumping right into decorating everything? Or quietly with no decorations at all until we get a little closer?

We've tried various approaches in the past. And with the firm belief that what we are surrounded by affects our internalization of life's events, we have come up with a bit of a mixed bag. We are going shopping for the kids whose parents' are in prison that our parish supports today. Our tree is up and lit, but not decorated. We'll have the nativity up without baby Jesus so the kids can "play/pray," a very montessori approach. I need to get a new Advent wreath so that we count down to Christmas each Sunday. And of course we have our Calendar count down made by Grandma. :) We'll do our full-fledged decorating on the 15th (rose candle Sunday).

Enjoy the season and I hope it gets you ready for the coming of Jesus- in our world, homes, and most especially, in our hearts.

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