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Saturday, October 19, 2013


Her husband drops her off early in the morning. She has full make-up on, and a ready smile if she sees me. We meet each other throughout our day here and there; at the park, on the sidewalks, in the elevators, me with my kids, she with the kids she cares for. She always smiles, finds what you are doing interesting, has watchful eyes and takes loving care of the kids she watches. She leaves in the evening, a bit worn, but the freshly lipsticked smile hides it well to the undiscerning eye. I wish she wouldn't call me "Senora."

I have no doubt that this woman doesn't go straight to bed when she gets home. She has something funny to share with her family, she takes joy in the "rest" that the evening brings. And yet she has her own work to do in her own home, and her own family to feed.

She is my hero. I just hope that my Spanish gets good enough one day to convey the depths of my gratitude to one who lives her life so simply well, and very much under the radar unless you care to notice.

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